Meeple's Republic

thoughts from a board gaming philosopher



There are lots of blogs about board gaming. Meeple’s Republic is one of them.

My original idea for Meeple’s Republic was to write a blog focusing entirely on the philosophy of board gaming. But that seems like a very ambitious goal, and I don’t want to promise that every post will be of genuine philosophical interest. I like philosophy, but I also like board games in their own right, and sometimes I just want to write about them.

So I ended up with this compromise: Meeple’s Republic is a regular blog about board gaming, but written by a philosopher. Some posts are bona fide philosophical essays about elements of board games; some are discussions of game concepts; some are reviews of games from a (somewhat) philosophical perspective; and some are just random ideas.

I try to post a full-length piece every two weeks. So far, so good.

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